Sunday, June 5, 2011

Complete Guide for Cape Town Tour

Preparing for a visit begins with choosing when to fly. Like many tourist destinations, Cape Town has its peak and off-peak seasons that you must know if you want to avoid getting closed on for a flight schedule you were counting on. The busiest season lies in the months of December and January, where people need to book a flight for as early as three months in advance! If your time can afford it, choose a less busy time of the year so that you are sure to be convenient during your flight as well as your travel.

Where you will stay is the next consideration. There are a lot of choices from five-star hotels to apartments, and lodges to guesthouses. The prices of these vary according not only to the services they offer or the popularity of the place, but also to its location and again, the season. For instance, those nearer to the main tourist spots of the town are bound to ask for a higher price than those far away from it; and generally, prices take on a hike during the peak seasons when the demand for accommodations are equally higher.

How do you get around Cape Town? From the Cape Town International Airport, you have a number of options to get to your hotel or lodge. There are taxis, car rentals, bus services, and, depending on the Cape Town travel deal you have landed on, you may have accommodation services that will pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel or lodge. In Cape Town, the same transportation services are available. One way to get around Cape Town that's gaining favor from tourists, however, is backpacking. Many tourists in search of adventure prefer to set themselves on foot in exploring the town, and Cape Town can not be more accommodating. There are spots for mountain climbing, hiking, lodges complete with bars and caf├ęs, restaurants and hotels. Backpackers, as well as other tourists, also have the options to wine and dine or party at the beach. There are a lot of establishments that provide fun for tourists all around Cape Town.

Setting yourself for a Cape Town travel also asks for learning about the major tourist spots that you shouldn't miss. There is the famous Table Mountain, where people can get on top of with a cable car. During the ride as well as once you are on top of the mountain, you get a spectacular sight of the city, which you can explore with the telescopes that come with the cars. There are restaurants on Table Mountain; too, where you can have you can enjoy your stay on top. Robben Island is another favorite site in Cape Town for its historical significance. Where Nelson Mandela was once imprisoned, Robben Island is now a perfect spot to view the city and spend an evening in. The Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, with its cultivated garden of flowers, streams, and ponds, is also an ideal place to swing by during your travel. The place is ideal for picnics, as is eating in the restaurants scattered around the garden. There are a lot of other sites that tourists can - and should - explore. A Cape Town travel isn't complete without visiting at least a few of these.