Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cairo Tour Guide

Cairo, the city blessed by the river Nile is also referred to as the "Mother of all Cities." With such a rich history and so many contributions to our present civilization, it's no wonder why it's called such. People from all across the world come to get a view of this wonderland amidst a desert, with amazing structures such as the Pyramids and The Sphinx captivating their mind and spirits.

Besides, Cairo is home to some of the most exotic and ornamental gold jewelry that you'll ever find. Not to forget the rare antiques and oriental perfumes which you can find here as well. Cairo is a melting pot of life in many facets. The ancient monuments, mosques, donkey carts, camels, crumbling pyramids and the unavoidable pollution is what gives Cairo it's unparalleled character.

Cairo is Africa's largest city and for tourists, November to April is the ideal season as summers in Cairo can be sultry. The major attractions of the city are Midan Tahrir, containing grand hotels, the Egyptian Museum, the commercial hub stretching from the Midan Talaat Harb up to Midan Ataba. The main railway station's called the Midan Ramses and has several retail shops scattered in its vicinity. The Garden City's yet another area which radiates with affluence and glamour.

You'll also find the suburbs of Cairo interesting to visit. Places such as Islamic Cairo, the centre of historic Cairo, located to the east; the Citadel Khan el Khalili comprising of historic mosques; Coptic Cairo and Fustat to the south of the city; and the upcoming suburbs like Dokki and Mohandiseen replete with restaurants and shopping malls. The Gezira and the Zamalek are places you should also not miss, as some of the best hotels are located there, and so is the breathtaking Cairo Tower. Last but not the least, there's the old district of Giza, containing the world famous Pyramids in its periphery

You'll find a plethora of sightseeing wonders too. A few of them include the majestic Citadel built by Salah Al-Din; the Al-Azhar Mosque encapsulating the world's oldest university and the grand structure of the Ibn Tulun mosque. You can play a round of golf at the Mena House Golf Course overlooking the Pyramids or take a fun ride across the glimmering Nile on a Felucca.

Cairo, in spite of a few drawbacks such as the heat and the pollution, has countless positives which tilt the odds in its favor. Where else can you witness an ancient civilization still bustling with vivacity? You just cannot escape the mesmeric blend of Cairo's Africa, European and Arab traditions with the pulse of a modern city.