Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Visit Amazing French City Nice

Nice is a beautiful seaside town located in France. Located on the Mediterranean on the Cote de Azure, Nice is a city frequented quite often by the rich and famous. Nice is close to Cannes and during their worldwide film festival, Nice's hotels are bulging at the seams.

The rich mingle and blend in among the common folk. It is not unusual in any season to see an international celebrity sitting at an open air café by the sea. It is a beautiful town, with beautiful views from any villa or hotel and away from the prying eyes of the rest of the world. Of course, paparazzi always manage to find someone famous who is trying to escape from the world in Nice. But not for long, as it is easy to disappear in Nice.

There are numerous 5 star seaside resorts that any celebrity can easily afford. They are within shouting distance from Monaco and many celebrities like to base themselves in Nice and visit many of the surrounding principalities and small, quaint villages.

From Famous to Common:

The famous can find many wonderful, relaxing things to do when they holiday in Nice. There is an abundance of shopping in Nice. Old Nice is the hub for one of a kind wares, as well as, wines, gourmet gifts, boutique clothing, Provencal goods, high fashion and household items.

There is a lot of atmosphere in Old Nice, with its narrow streets, numerous nightclubs and fun bars. This is a great spot to lose yourself in shopping and a little bit of French history. It is easy for the celebrities to dissolve into the crowds in Old Nice. Another great spot for the famous is the Nice Flower Market. This is the best attraction in the city.

The streets are lined with small souvenir shops and outside cafes. The individual flower stands are always jammed pack with incredible produce and beautiful flowers. This market is open six days a week and on the 7th day it transforms into a flea market. If you are on a celebrity hunt, you will surely find one here. This is always a fun spot in Nice for anyone to take time to visit.

The artist, Henri Matisse, was inspired by the views and colors of Nice. The Matisse Museum is a great place to drift away for a few hours. Going to lunch at a seaside café in Nice and then stopping at the Matisse Museum makes a great relaxing day for a hard working celebrity.

Take yourself on a trip to Nice for a few days and spend a little more money for a great hotel and then visit the sights of Nice and its nearby villages. Maybe you can't act, play sports or sing, but you can still vacation like a famous person in this one of a kind town on the seaside in France.