Monday, April 4, 2011

Amazing Places for Ski Lovers

Skiing is a sport which is exciting and adventurous. It is something that can be really dangerous along with being fun. There are a lot of places where a person can go to enjoying themselves while skiing. There are a few places which are considered as the best place to go for skiing. Some of them are as follows.

Are - Sweden

This is the only true place in Sweden that has a true Alpine atmosphere amongst all the other various places that a person can visit for skiing. In order to ski all the way down, a person would need to use the cable car which takes people directly to the mountain top. A person can also get all the latest and trendy looking ski gear along with delicious and lip smacking cuisine.

Aspen / Snowmass - USA

If you are a person who likes an incredible view along with bumps and steeps then this is the place for you. There are four mountains you can choose from with 5,303 acres to suit your level of challenge. This is also one of the best places for snowboarders along with skiers.

Chamonix Mont-Blanc - France

This breath taking sheer beauty has glaciers and majestic ice falls. It is also known to have the most beautiful view thanks to the height of the cable cars and the railways that are cogged which makes this journey to the beautiful and amazing alpine town.

Cortina d'Ampezzo - Italy

This is one of Italy's most charming and beautiful places for skiing lovers. This is near the north-eastern border along with Austria and the village has an atmosphere which attracts visitors from all over the world due to it's lively and fun filled atmosphere. There is something in store for anyone who wishes to get the best while they are skiing.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Germany

This is one of the highest mountains located in Germany and offers various other facilities like hosting of winter Olympics, World Championships etc. There is a huge variety of sports a person can choose from be it summer or winter. A person can always go ahead and pamper themselves with beautiful natural therapy spa treatments as well as health therapies.

Lillehammer / Hafjell - Norway

This is the place where the Olympic Winter Games were held in the year 1994 and is also known for the beautiful and traditional looking farms along with the modernized and fashionable town center which is in the midst of various alphine skiing resorts which surrounds it.

Portillo - Chile

This is one of the most beautiful and exotic looking place which has no other town nearby. A person who visits this place does not only have the excitement of experiencing the adventure of skiing, snowboarding, relaxing or even socializing however they also get to go ahead and restore and renovate their body, mind and soul thanks to the natural and refreshing environment.

St. Anton am Arlberg - Austria

This is a paradise which is meant to be spent with the entire family or even a perfect place to be with your friends. There is a charming and genuine atmosphere with a cozy town which a population of around 2,500 thousand inhabitants. The mountains are crisp and clean along with an relaxing and unwinding elevation of 1300 m. You can experience a true and genuine along with a traditional Triolean hospitality.

Whistler Blackcomb - Canada

A person can experience the magic and beauty of this beautiful and lifetime memorable vacation spot. It also has a beautiful 8,000 acres of exciting and skiable terrain that raises a mile above the beautiful valley of Whistler. There is something to offer everyone all year round be it summer or winter activities. This lifetime experience is something that will be a memorable and beautiful one.

Flaine, France

This beautiful ski resort is located in the Haute-Savoie region of france which is close to Mont-Blanc and Geneva. This is also located very close to the Genevian airport and has accommodations which are at the doorstep that allows you to be at slopes of skiing in a few hours.

Zermatt - Switzerland

This is the legendary village and mountain that has the most beautiful and breath taking mountain Matterhorn that is located in the Alps. There is also a car-free health resort called Zermatt which also has a mountain village that offers an international flair for relaxation, action packed, fun filled holiday at any time and point of the year. This is a famous destination which can be as fascinating during the winters as it is in the summers.

Kitzbuhel, Austria

This medieval city is known as the best ski resort in the world. Located in Tyrol it has an extensive and beautiful coverage of snow. The experience of skiing in the place is something that is one of a kind. Thanks to the investments in new lifts, the problem with queues has been reduced to a large extent.

Gulmarg, Kashmir, India

India is a place which is not just rich in culture however it is also one of the best places to visit. Just 35 miles from the beautiful Srinagar lies a small little village named Gulmarg. Skiing in this beautiful place is an adventurous experience.

Levi, Lapland, Finland

Located in Kittila region of Finnish Lapland Levi is a beautiful place for skiing during the winter months and during the summer's this is the best place for mountain biking. It is 15 minutes away from the Kittila airport if you travel by a bus or a car.

Engelberg, Switzerland
This is an isolated and historic village that has grown up around the Benedictine monastery which was established in the year 1120. The monks of the monastery introduced the adventurous skiing during the beginning of the twentieth century. All the promises that are made by this place is kept when it comes to having a fun filled and adventurous time along with a thrilling experience while skiing.