Saturday, March 26, 2011

All about Ireland

List of some great places in Ireland:

1. Beer heaven in Dublin
Visitors from every corner of the globe flock to Dublin to visit the Guinness Storehouse, home of the famous beer brand. You'll be able to enjoy a pint of the black magic brew then explore seven floors of beer heaven as you learn about the ingredients, process and time that go into making it. The Gravity bar is also a must see. Situated on the very top floor, you can relax at the end of your tour with a drink while enjoying a 360 degree view of Dublin city.

2. Mystic charm in Glendalough
Just a bus ride away from Dublin you'll find Glendalough, which means 'glen of two lakes'. Of the many memorable things you'll see in this monastic city, one that literally stands out above the rest is the famous Glendalough Round Tower, which stands about 30 meters high. Historically, the building was built as a bell tower but also acted as a place of refuge in times of attack. Just a bit further on you'll find the Hanging Lakes, which can be found on the mountainsides in the valley as the area used to be glaciated.

3. Explore caves in Florencecourt
In County Fermanagh you'll be able to tour the Marble Arch Caves. Formed by water draining off the Cuilcagh Mountain, this series of natural limestone caves is a marvel to see. Interestingly and sadly, the night before the show caves were about to open to the public in 1984, a group of vandals broke in and destroyed many of the formations, including the tip of the largest stalactite.

4. Magic in County Meath
When you book hotel accommodation in Navan or one of County Meath's many other beautiful towns, there are many sites to explore that will take you back to a magical time in Ireland's history. Trim castle, as the largest Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland, is a noteworthy tourist destination. The location, which was the backdrop to the movie Braveheart, is absolutely breathtaking. The castle is a potent and important reminder of medieval times.

5. Idyllic nature in the Wicklow Mountains
Wicklow Mountains National Park is set in one of Ireland's most beautiful regions. The 400 million year old mountains are home to a large population of wildlife as well as the magnificent Powerscourt Waterfall, which is the highest waterfall on the island.

In Ireland there is incredible hotel accommodation. Meath is a popular tourist hotspot for its charm and history but there are many places that will intrigue any traveler looking for a bit of mystery and magic in their journey. Go on, enjoy exploring Ireland