Monday, July 4, 2011

Tucson Travel Guide

When people say that Tucson has loads to offer to tourists-they are actually right! Tucson, located southeast of U.S-Mexican border, is one of the primary tourist attractions of this area. The English name Tucson derives from the Spanish name of the city, Tucson, which was borrowed from the O'odham name Cukson (pronounced roughly "chook shown"), meaning "at the base of the black hill", a reference to an adjacent volcanic mountain.

Tucson boasts of a plethora of tourist's attractions ranging from the Catalina State Park, to Sonora Desert Museum with its collection desert creatures caught right in their natural habitat. With temperatures ranging somewhere between 75 degrees, Tucson is ideal for outdoor hiking, biking, sight-seeing and movie making.

If you love art and theatre, then you are here for a treat! Theater groups include the Arizona Theatre Company, which performs in the Temple of Music and Art, a mirror image of the Pasadena Playhouse; the Invisible Theatre; Live Theatre Workshop; Beowulf Alley; the Gaslight Theatre, which performs melodramas; and Arizona Onstage Productions, a not-for-profit theater company devoted to musical theater. In 2004, the NY based Nederlander Organization also opened a local operation.

Tucson's pleasant and sweet weather draws thousands of hikers to this area each year. Finger Rock Trail is the most famous and luring hiking and cycling spot for tourists. Tours to this area are always fully booked. This trail stretches over five miles and passes through Sonora Dessert up to the jagged peaks of the Catalina Mountains which offers more views of the surrounding terrain.

Tucson is a first-class place to visit and if you get an option to visit this place don't miss it! Tucson is a charming and astounding place, so I would recommend you to visit this place for your next holiday.