Thursday, June 9, 2011

Best Spring Time in Colorado

Who says you can't enjoy Colorado Springs for free? If you're looking for activities in the city that don't cost a dime, take a look at our list of 5 free things to do in Colorado Springs. You might be surprised.

Garden of the Gods

The city's most stunning and most popular park is also totally free. When Charles Elliott Perkins left this beautiful land to the city in 1907, his one stipulation was that the public could have free access. So visit the Garden of the Gods and witness massive orange monoliths that rise hundreds of feet high. See Balanced Rock. And get incredible views of Pikes Peak and the city. Drive your car, take a hike, or ride your bike. Family and dog friendly.


Colorado Springs hiking trails give you free access to some of the most beautiful parts of Colorado. Visit Waldo Canyon for a lofty view of the Ute Pass. Try Section 16 for rolling forests and foothills. A walk through Palmer Park's trails in the middle of the city will surprise you. And Red Rock Canyon Open Space on the west side is like the Garden of the Gods without cars--huge orange rocks and spires all along the way.

Old Colorado City

The historic Old Colorado City neighborhood is a great place to find free things to do in Colorado Springs. The area is always having a festival of some kind, from ice carvings in the winter, to Territory Days in the summer (a free 3-day block party). OCC also offers art walks, car shows, and endless activities for the holidays. When those aren't happening, do some window shopping or sit in the shade in adjacent Bancroft Park.

Manitou Springs

Manitou is a unique little town just 3 miles west of Colorado Springs. Nestled directly up against the mountains, Manitou offers several free mineral springs that you can drink from. Try the seltzer water after a meal, or sip a little lithium water if you want to mellow out. The endless amount of shops and art galleries in town will keep you strolling about for hours.

Free Books, DVDs, CDs and Video Games

Did you know the Pikes Peak Library District offers all of the above for free? With 13 branches located all over Colorado Springs, the public library is an incredible source of free entertainment. They also provide free classes on computer skills, selling on EBay, and learning about business.

There's plenty more to do in town. Hope you can visit some time soon.