Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bandung City Guide

The Indonesian city of Bandung is the capital of West Java and one of the biggest cities of the country. Bandung, located in the southern part of West Java, this city is a good blend of Sundanese, Javanese, Sumatranese, and others of Indonesian civilian, including Chinese too. A bustling town, Bandung is well connected to the other city via country road.

From Jakarta, you can go to Bandung by bus, car or by train. If you get there by bus, it will take a 3 - 4 hours, by car, you just need 2 - hours, if you choose by train, let me know, first time you have to go to Gambir station at central Jakarta, because I suggest you to be better if you ride the train from Gambir. There are 2 kind of train that you can find, first, the Parahyangan train, this train have two classes, business and executive classes, if you use this train, you will come to Bandung in 3 hours or more. Second, the Argo Gede, it's only has 1 class, executive class, if you use this, you just need 2 hours and 50 minutes to Bandung, but the ticker price is more expensive than Parahyangan, now if up to your choice, the traveling your own need a low budget traveling cost or need efficiency time.

This city is gaining popularity as a growing tourist destination in Indonesia. To facilitate and accommodate the emerging crowd of people, the city has introduced many resorts and hotels, so that the visitors can enjoy a comfortable vacation.

Bandung is located at the high land, so that the weather is always cold. We call Bandung is the flower city, because the face of city is green, you can find the trees along your trip. Near Bandung, you can visit Tangkuban Prahu Mountain and Lembang town, in Lembang you can try tea walk around tea garden at there. Other places you can also visit, tea walk at tea garden in pengarengan hill, Kawah Putih, or strawberry garden.

In the night, you can visit dago's street, at here you can find some youngest people having enjoy all the time. The roasted corn is the popular snack in this place, you can try it with the various taste what you like, other roasted snacks are banana roasted or bread roasted. Other place that you can visit in the night is the Paris Van Java, there are several kind of cafe, clubs and discos. Though the city is not overloaded with the discos and clubs, but handful of night clubs, bars and pubs are there, where your night would be vibrant and exhilarating.

In the morning, are you like shopping? Try at alun-alun with a number of shopping stores and malls, cihampelas walk (more famous name is Ci-walk), is the place of jeans. The other famous shopping store is called Factory Outlet, there are several kind of factory outlet, such as clothes, bags, shoes and others.

Enjoy Bandung City!