Friday, May 13, 2011

Why You Should Visit Atlanta

Atlanta city is known for its various attractions-museums, parks, sports team and entertainment. This region where this beautiful city stands today was originally Creek and Cherokee Native American territory. Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and is also the most populous city. It is being considered as the economic powerhouse of the Southern United States, experiencing urban development, population growth, and commercial development thus making it a common case study for college students who study urban geography around the globe.

It hosted the Summer Olympics in 1996 after the International Olympic Committee selected Atlanta as the site in 1990.Though many felt that Athens, Greece, should have been the right choice as it was the 100th anniversary of the Olympic Games. This way Atlanta became the first American capital city to host the Olympics. Because of the Olympics, Atlanta built major construction to beautify the city's parks, sports facilities, and transportation.

About the city:

Atlanta has a humid subtropical climate with generally hot, humid summers and mild winters by the standards of most of the U.S. In the winter, weather systems sweeping south from Canada, through the Midwest; bring temperatures that can reach below 15° Fahrenheit a few times a year.

More and more people have now shifted to Atlanta thus touching a population of 3.5 million. It always has something special to offer for everyone. There are so many impressive and unique things the city has to offer. The largest museum dedicated to the art of puppetry is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Atlanta. You can spend hours there at the museum admiring all the things and also there are puppet shows which all young and old loves.

Atlanta is known for its rich culture. It has the oldest continually running ballet in the country and the performances are simply breath taking. There are so many other shows for you to see and enjoy. Atlanta is one of the most prosperous cities in the United States and is one of the most economically important Southeastern cities.

Some of the few attractions of Atlanta are:

Atlanta Botanical Garden: This is a 30 acre garden in the heart of Atlanta featuring breathtaking gardens, woodlands and more. It has a garden for children as well. You can find one of the world's largest permanent orchids displayed here along with rare and endangered plants from tropical rain forests and desert regions. This garden holds various exhibitions all year round. There is a gift shop and cafe for you to unwind. Explore this garden and expand your horizon.

Apex Museum: Here you can visit the Yates and Milton Drug Store, one of Atlanta's first Black owned businesses. Going there is an experience in itself. You can hear all about the African American pioneers in Atlanta and learn about the powerful Black Families who contributed in making Atlanta what it is today. Inside you will find artifacts, photographs and multi-media presentations on the African American cultural experience both past and present. There is also a Trolley theater where there are video presentations on African American experiences. And also the Hall of achievement, donated by BellSouth, where you will information on African American achievers.

Georgia Aquarium: This is the world's largest aquarium, features over 100,000 specimens in tanks representing 500 species from around the globe holding approximately eight million gallons of water.

World of Coca Cola: This museum features the history of the world famous soft drink brand which was developed in Atlanta. It is an interesting place to be .You can also taste various formulas of the soda from all over the world in the tasting room.

Underground Atlanta: It is a historic shopping and entertainment complex situated under the streets of downtown Atlanta. This is the place to buy your Atlanta souvenirs. There are also festivals that go on during the spring and summer months.