Sunday, May 22, 2011

Guide to Sentosa Singapore

Once you get off the bus at Sentosa Singapore you will be invaded by a whole host of options of how you will be spending the rest of the day there. Whether you are a parent with your kids, lovebirds, singles, young adults, there are so many things you can and this article will discuss some of the exciting activities that await you.

Ride the cable car and be on top of the world. Do not just settle for the images on postcards, see all the splendors of Sentosa for yourself as you slowly reach the peak of the escarpment and the ride takes you a few hundred feet in the air! Breathe out in wonder as you see the beautiful clouds melt into the ocean, the island in all its splendors and the view of Singapore as only your eyes can behold. The best thing is, the price if fairly cheap and one cable car can accommodate an entire family.

Have you ever been on the luge? This is an experience like other. The luge is a make shift ride without wheels down a slippery slope. Get up to speed as you ride through tight turns and an obstacle course straight out of an F1 drawing board. You cannot beat this for the most electrifying minutes of your life and once you do get down to the finishing line, a second trip is served to you via a sky lift that will life you back to the starting line for another round of non stop action.

Play mini golf. One of the best ways to spend an afternoon in Sentosa is to play a game of mini golf on a course that has 18 holes. Avoid water moats, sand pits and tricky lanes and gates as you try to manoeuvre the golf ball to the all important hole. With enough practice you will be an expert as you journey all the way to the challenging last hole - which I will let you find out for yourself. This is wholesome family fun for everyone and even teenagers and young adults are not left out.

This is a beach and what will you do without some beach fun activities? Wake board, wind surf and splash around in the cool waters of Sentosa's many beaches. Play an assortment of games like beach volleyball, soccer, touch rugby and even a cool game of water polo. Whether you are a tiny tot or an aged retiree, the water's open nature of fun and relaxation will definitely beckon to you. You can also unwind at any one of the beach bars scattered all over the sandy sides of the beach, from small shacks and quaint huts to world class beach bars like Cafe Del Mar and KM8. In Sentosa Singapore, there is always something to do, no matter what time of the day.