Friday, April 29, 2011

Wonderful Travel Destination-Asia

When you think Asia, you think of exotic beaches and cool breezes. Luxury in Asia comes cheaper than anywhere else on earth, and yet feels a million dollars worth. You may be travelling just to relax, on your honeymoon or with your family, but you will find what you are looking for in Asia.

If you seek beaches with plenty of sunlight, a spa, some fine dining and a great view, you should travel to Phuket in Thailand. Besides the beaches of Phuket, you can travel 15 miles beyond to the South East and visit Coral Island. It is a beautiful island with white sand that is a spectacular backdrop against the colourful reefs around it.

Bali in Indonesia is another place with a great beach resort. They have several hot springs and spas that are great if you are in an indulgent mood. Balinese massages are also very popular and relaxing and yet, quite cheap when compared with European spas and usually use natural herbs and spices.

Another place for the sea lovers is the Philippines. There are many islands in Philippines that make a heavenly tourist spot. Some of the greatest ones to visit are Boracay, Mactan Island, Camiguin Island, and Negros Island. Visit the Danjugan Island Marine Reserve near Negro Island to experience the most diverse marine life.

Looking for great beaches and water sports? You have to travel to Malaysia and the Maldives. You should also experience exotic sea life while you are there.

Asia is also great for you if the shopping bug is biting. The best places to hit for shopping are Hong Kong and Singapore. You can find many branded products here and the mall complexes are worth investigating.

Many people who travel to Asia also find travelling to Japan very attractive. Mostly, the bull's eye for tourists in Japan is Tokyo and no wonder, because of the great cultural and aesthetic pleasures the city offers. To make the most of your visit, it is best to book a tour because otherwise the language and the mass transit can be a bit of challenge. Besides taking the city tours, try visiting Ginza at night time. It is a great place for shopping and offers great food. If you just want to take a stroll, try wandering to the gardens surrounding the Imperial Palace.

Asia has many treats for hikers and trekkers too. The trekkers will find this continent great. Asia has the world's two tallest mountains, Mount Everest and Godwin Austen (formerly K2). You can access Mount Everest from Nepal and Mount Godwin Austen from Pakistan. The tourist resorts in the Pakistani mountains are another breath taking destination.