Saturday, April 2, 2011

Take a Adventurous Tour to Brazil

One of the most fascinating countries you will ever visit is Brazil, the home of so much cultural diversity. Brazil is home to modernity and nature, and both are well balanced. This has meant that Brazil tours have really been increasing in demand nowadays. Who knows? Maybe what I will describe will make you want to visit Brazil.
If you like nature, Brazil is the place to be. You will get to see beaches, jungles, mountains and deserts.

The Amazon is possibly one of the most famous places in Brazil that is known worldwide. To get there, you will probably need to book a flight to Manaus as part of the Brazil tours package. Beautiful beaches are quite common in the Northeast of Brazil if you visit places like Natal, Fortaleza or Sao Luis. The main cities are located in the southeast of the country and this is the place to be if you prefer urban entertainment.

There are around 2000 beaches in Brazil and an equal large number of islands which lie in the Atlantic Ocean and belong to Brazil. Many those islands are natural sanctuaries which can be visited at any time. The IguaƧu Falls and the Amazon River and Rainforest form part of Brazil's rich geographic heritage. Those are the places the rarest animals and plants on earth live and without doubt the opportunity to visit them should not be missed. Brazil is also well known for its cuisine and its gentle weather which actually favors travelling.

When you are on Brazil tours, you generally get to visit different carnivals. These usually take place around 1 or 2 months before Easter. Brazil is a lot more than just carnivals. In fact, the carnival takes place in different cities and in different ways. For example, I suggest you visit Bahia, a state in the North East of Brazil. People enjoy themselves so much during carnival time there. Other states also celebrate the carnival. In other major cities like Rio de Janeiro, parades form the most important parts of the carnival. In Bahia, the carnival takes place with most people on the streets and mixing together, no matter what their age or class is. There is no distinction made between the people and it is the time of enjoyment; the time those people have been craving for so long.

The south of the country is also interesting, because there you will find a mix between European and Brazilian cultures. And moreover, if you are on Brazil tours, be sure to visit the borders to other South American countries, like Argentina and Paraguay. This will be an experience you may never forget.
Brazil is a place that need be visited. If you do not, you might regret it. You will definitely get to visit lots of places in Brazil while you are on Brazil tours. Your desires for adventure will decide what you will visit. Brazil is home to well over 5000 cities, and what you visit will most definitely depend on what type of Brazil tours you choose.