Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Make Your Long Flight Trip Comportable

A long flight trip is the more dreaded part of a pleasure holiday in distant locations or even long business ventures. You can skip the physical and mental stress that wears you down during the flight journey by bearing these simple tips in mind:

Tips 1:Choose a good seat
When you book your flight ticket, make sure that you have ample time to select your seat. Even if you are not traveling by first class or business class, you can still find comfortable seats on economy class. For example, sitting near the aisle can give you easy access to the toilet, or choosing to sit in the front can offer more leg space. Seats located at the emergency exit rows give maximum leg space. If you want to rest your head while sleeping, then go for window seats. So, know your priorities and choose your seat accordingly.

Tips 2:Take a walk
Long period of immobility can cramp your muscles. Hence, occasional flexing and stretching activities can regulate blood flow and prevent cramps. When you are allowed to unhook the seatbelt, you can take a walk down the aisle if your legs or back feel sore. In case your feet start swelling, you need to twist and turn your feet to ease the pain.

Tips 3;Use the pillow
Airlines offer a pillow on long flights. You can place this pillow at your lower back to make your seating more comfortable and also to avoid backaches. The pillow can also be used to support your neck while sleeping. Simply crunch it a bit to use it for neck support. This will stop your head from tilting when you are asleep.

Tips 4:Wear slip-on shoes
Avoid wearing shoes with laces as they can prove to be quite cumbersome in long flights. Your feet can swell if you are seated in flight for hours. In this case, wearing slip-on shoes can enable you to remove them with ease to feel more comfortable.

Tips 5:Carry a moisturizer
The air inside the airplane is dry and it can leave your skin bereft of moisture. If your skin is prone to dryness, then you should consider carrying a good moisturizer or petroleum jelly. Also, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Tips 6:Chew gum
The varying air pressure inside the airplane may block your ears. A simple trick to avoid this discomfort is to chew gum.You can also choose to carry your personal DVD player, MP3 player or a book to keep yourself occupied. So, the next time you book flights that take hours to reach your destination, you can ensure utmost comfort by considering the above mentioned tips.